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About Agami

OpenNyAI is a collaborative initiative under Agami, a section 8, non-profit organisation advancing ideas that serve justice.

What is Agami?

Agami is a Section 8 non-profit company (Vayam Forum for Citizenship is our corporate name) advancing powerful ideas with the potential to transform our systems of law and justice. We do this by identifying innovative ideas, reframing problems, curating leaders, developing a supportive innovation ecosystem and catalyzing collaborative action - all towards innovation in law and justice. Our leadership team is composed of entrepreneurs intent on bringing the disruptive power of entrepreneurship to advance Agami’s vision and mission.

What Agami is not

We are not a think-tank, consulting firm or a policy advocacy organization. However, in many instances, we work closely with such organizations to advance ideas that can transform our systems of law and justice.

Who Agami works with?

Agami works with a very wide range of actors - innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, civil society actors and government changemakers. We see this as essential to any lasting change in this sector. We strongly believe that those with the new and powerful ideas must be central to our mission so we direct a lot of energy to work with entrepreneurs and changemakers. Including those within the government and judiciary with the intent and resilience to effect lasting change.
In a 2023 professional survey conducted with 120+ leaders and senior staff of for- and non-profit organizations working in law and justice, Agami received a Net Promoter Score of 82, indicating the extremely high likelihood of community members referring Agami to others advancing ideas for change in the law and justice sector.

What does Agami do and does not do?

Agami drives collaborative missions to advance ideas that can transform our systems of law and justice. The overwhelming majority of our work is to create public resources and opportunities that benefit the whole sector. Where we believe that the field can be best built through additional support (usually mentorship, introductions etc) to specific initiatives we do the needful without compromising on our overall public efforts. We build public goods or leverage existing public goods. Agami supports the wide range of actors mentioned above to drive collaborative missions.
Agami is not a service or program delivery organization and where public actors or ecosystem leaders have to take commercial decisions on which service providers to select for their needs, Agami does not participate in the same.

Agami Initiatives

Our initiatives, mentioned below, are supported by overarching storytelling around the mission of changemaking and innovation in law and justice:

Agami Prize

Agami Prize is the leading Prize for law and justice innovation in India. There have been editions of the Prize thus far (2018, 2022, 2022) and the index of innovation surfaced in these Prizes can be found in Agamiscape 2018, Agamiscape 2020, and Agamiscape 2022.

Agami Summit

Agami Summit is the pre-eminent gathering of innovators working in law and justice innovation, across government, industry and grassroots. Over 300+ such innovators come together in a residential event every year. There have been three editions thus far (2018, 2019, 2022).


Agamishaala is a learning community for justice innovators, looking for a playground to reimagine their ideas. Curated to bring together 25+ diverse justicemakers every year, across government, industry and grassroots, it uses Social Presencing Theatre as a model of experiential learning. Now in its 5th year, it is a community of 100 such changemakers making the journey from self to the ecosystem by learning together.


OpenNyAI is a collaborative mission developing AI public goods (models and APIs) and a maker community of lawyers and technologists to transform the experience of justice in India. The mission is led by Agami but includes founding-collaborators such as EkStep, Thoughtworks and the National Law School of India University.

PUCAR (Public Initiative for Containment Avoidance and Resolution of Disputes)

Pucar is a public collaborative mission aimed at transforming the dispute resolution experience of people. PUCAR focuses on bringing innovation into our formal justice systems. It seeks to not just digitize the courts but to totally transform them through better process and system design, cutting-edge technology and different mindsets. Visit the PUCAR Website
to see our community of collaborators and to know more.

Online Dispute Resolution

We are widely recognised as having played an instrumental role in building the ODR ecosystem. We worked with business, civil society and government at all levels to make ODR happen. Visit the ODR Handbook

How is Agami Supported?

Agami is entirely funded by highly reputed domestic funders including family philanthropies, law firms and corporates. They are -
Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies
Nandan Nilekani
Tree of Life Foundation
Jayasimha Foundation
Lal Foundation
OppDoor (Binny Bansal)

Is Agami part of the leadership or management, or an investor in any of the startups and organizations in the law and justice ecosystem?

Agami (Vayam Forum for Citizenship) is a Section 8 non profit company and is not involved in the management or leadership of any startup in our ecosystem.
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